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FAQs and Care Tips

Can I crush medication in my dog’s food?


Getting your pet to take their meds is what many pet parents struggle with when it comes to their health. You should consider if the medication can be crushed in the first place. Some capsules are meant to be absorbed in the GI tract. Also consider that many tablets are bitter, and even if you hide it very well, your pet is likely to catch on quickly and not finish the food once they sense the taste. One option is a pill gun which can make it easier and faster. If these things don’t work it’s probably a good idea to ask your vet if compounding to add flavor is a good option for your pet.


How can I give a dog a pill using foods that are safe?


It is first important to know that not all foods are safe for giving pills to dogs. Different types of foods can have different impacts on the efficacy of the medication, and they can gave detrimental health impacts on dogs with certain conditions. Be sure to always talk to your dog’s vet before choosing the foods you give your pets to deliver their medications.


Bananas can be a good way to hide pills from your pet, but they are high in sugar. If your dog is diabetic or suffering from a specific illness, this might not be a good choice.


Using cheese to wrap around a pill can be useful, but first, make sure your pet isn’t allergic or lactose intolerant or can have vomiting or diarrhea from dairy products.


Creamy peanut butter can sometimes be a good option for giving your dog pills too. However, make sure the peanut butter doesn’t contain xylitol or other sugar substitutes starting in ‘xy-‘ as those are toxic to dogs.


Using meat to hide pills can also be very effective with dogs. Make sure not to use raw meat, however, as there is risk of causing bacteria contamination to your furry friend.

White Mountain Pharmacy tip

Pill pockets might not be a good or healthy choice for all pets, but they can be a convenient and pet-friendly choice

Feed a high-quality diet. Pets fed a high-quality diet have a shiny hair coat, healthy skin, and bright eyes.

Keep your pet’s mouth clean by brushing their teeth at home, taking them to regular dental checkups. If your pet isn’t a huge fan of toothbrushes, there are alternatives including diets, treats, and toys.

Don’t allow your pet to roam unsupervised. Pets that roam are susceptible to a number of dangers like car accidents, exposure to poison, predation, and more.

Have questions about your pet’s medications or health tips for your furry friends? Call us, we’re happy to help!

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